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The wish fund grants wishes for people with limited time who are living in Clinton County. This fund was created through a donation by the Clinton County Board of Realtors (“CCBR”) to The Foundation of CVPH (“Foundation”).  CCBR partnered with the Foundation to help manage the funds and application process.  Together, the Foundation and CCBR do our very best to grant wishes for those unable to create them on their own. We may receive many requests and will review each request as quickly as possible.  

Mary Fry Clinton County Board of Realtors "CCBR"
 Aug 01, 2017
 Aug 08, 2017


Laurie Marvin
 Aug 15, 2017
 Aug 15, 2017
Assembly: Laurie Marvin
 Aug 22, 2017
Connor Bashaw-RYLA
 Aug 29, 2017
Past President Paul Raino
 Sep 12, 2017
St. Debbie & Carol Herring
 Sep 19, 2017
Club Assembly
 Sep 26, 2017
 Oct 21, 2017
 Oct 22, 2017
2017 Mayor's Cup Champlain Sponsors