Cooperative Extension-Clover Luck Ranch LLC
Jun 04, 2019 7:30 AM
Kelsey O'Shea
Cooperative Extension-Clover Luck Ranch LLC

Kelsey O’Shea is passionate about dairy farming and her husband’s family farm, Mapleview Dairy in Madrid, New York. O’Shea grew up in the suburbs of San Diego, and now lives on a farm where they care for 3,000 mature cows, 3,100 youngstock, and 300 baby calves every day. With the help of 60 hard-working employees, the cows are milked three times day and corn and alfalfa to feed the animals is grown on 4,500 acres. The nutritious milk from their cows is shipped to Agri-Mark Cooperative and is used to make delicious Cabot Cheese.

O’Shea spends her days working with farms of all sizes and shapes through Cornell Cooperative Extension. She is the farm business Management Specialist for the North Country Regional Ag Team and focuses on helping farmers with everything that isn't actually farming: financials, business planning, HR, protocols, and generational transfer.  

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