Posted by Ashton Moore on Apr 10, 2018
It feels really weird to already be eight months down with exchange because I’m at a point where I’m really used to my life here. It doesn’t feel real that I have to go home in 88 days… to be totally honest I really don’t want to at all. I’d love to for a week, but I feel really at home here.
If anything, this exchange has made me much more mature and independent and I’ve worked a lot on myself, It’s really made me a lot happier and grow a lot as a person. I hate thinking that I have less than three months because no one else understands how little time that actually is. I left my life in the US for a year but now I’m leaving the life I built in a year for good. 
I plan on coming back to Denmark, but it really won’t be the same. I have so many memories that I will NEVER forget and stupid jokes I’ve made with the people I love. It’s really hard to talk about what happened this month because I’ve honestly just been living my life — hahaha. 

I just moved in with my last host family and I feel really comfortable because I’ve been seeing my host mom every week (sometimes twice) and I have a great relationship with my host brother and sister (in the US until June 22nd) and my host dad is really nice. Also, I live really far in the countryside but I REALLYYY missed it. Believe it or not, I prefer living in the countryside much more than the city. It’s so much more calm and beautiful at this time of year.
We have baby chickens and wild cats around, and I can see horses outside of my window. Yesterday, my friend from Chile came over and we went to the water next to my house and took pictures and I felt so happy. It was probably the happiest I’ve been in a long time. It’ll become even prettier when the leaves on the trees come back and the yellow flowers come back to the meadow 😊

The other day I went to Germany and went shopping for our euro-tour and had some coffee.  This is weird to say but it isn’t that big of a deal where I live because we live a 30 minute drive away from Flensburg. Never in my life did I think that it wouldn’t be a big deal to go to Germany — hahaha.
 I recently had my birthday and it was really fun! Of course, I missed my Mom and it didn’t help that her birthday is the day after and her and my stepdad were in Italy (and got engaged!) and then in Croatia. But my host-family did a lot to make sure I had a good birthday and it turned out really great 😊

Skål til de sidste måneder!