February 2019 was the first time in twenty years that the North Country Mission of Hope was not fielding a humanitarian-aid trip to Nicaragua. Even though the Mission has currently suspended trips for local volunteers, the Mission, with the cooperation of its in country sister NGO, continues efforts in Nicaragua with educational sponsorships, building shelters, maintaining a health clinic in country and many more of the projects that have been established over the last 20+ years. 

The Mission of Hope’s assistance is felt around the world – not just in Nicaragua. In 2018 alone, Mission of Hope helped victims suffering from the aftermath of Volcano del Fuego in Guatemala, Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, Hurricane Florence in the Carolinas and Hurricane Michael in Florida. In addition, the Mission of Hope has assisted in providing equipment for a clinic in Africa and is finding ways to provide basic needs for those waiting at the U.S. border with Mexico for refugee status.

Sunrise Rotary’s financial contribution to the Mission of Hope is to assist in their on-going efforts to provide healthcare services and community development for those in need.

Sunrise Rotary Contact: Kathy Eppler

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