Posted on Jan 25, 2018
Thank you for the wonderful donation of $750 to the Adirondack Engineers 4H robotics group. It is very much appreciated. The team will be sending their thanks soon.
I just wanted to give you a small update. We had a blast at our last competition in Albany on January 13. We did very well. We earned the following awards:
--Think Award: First place (for innovative robot design and reliable performance)
--Control Award: Second place (for software, algorithm development, and driver period enhancements)
--Inspire Award: Second Place (second place team overall at the completion)
--Finalist Alliance: (played, but lost, the final competition match)
Our next competition is at Pace University in Westchester on February 11. We qualified for this Regional Competition because of our previous performance at qualifying competitions. We will be competing to earn a spot to continue on to SuperRegionals, held in Scranton, Pennsylvania.
There is a good chance that we will be competing at Essex High School in Vermont on February 24. We are second on the wait list, but have been asked to send in our registration fee. That usually means they feel a spot will open up for us.
We are happy to invite Rotary members to watch either competition, although the Vermont one is much closer. Perhaps a Rotary cheering section, as was mentioned! If interested, spectators should arrive at Essex High School by 10:30am – that is usually when the competition rounds and opening ceremonies begin.
I have attached a couple of pictures from Albany. I hope all is well and give our best to Sunrise Rotary. - Brian