The Sunrise Rotary Club held their traditional annual dinner at Vesco Vineyards on Wednesday, June 22, 2022. In addition to a delightful time of fellowship and a delicious dinner, members also had a chance to thank Jeff Prescott for his year of service to the club and to welcome our new President Eric McDowell.
This is what Jeff Prescott had to say with respect to his year as President:
"Thank you everyone for coming tonight!  It has been my honor to be able to guide our club through this challenging year from hybrid meetings back to zoom only for a bit and back to hybrid!  Through all the challenges I feel we have been able to accomplish quite a bit for a small club. 
  • A re-imagined Mayors Cup at the city beach
  • Refurbishing Project at the Gazebo
  • Hosting Jean Claude Mbonigaba Fellow from Rwanda as part of the The Mandela Washington Fellowship
  • Donated over $1,000 to local food banks
  • T-shirt design collaboration with CVTEC Students
  • Developed and distributed our new cards
  • Hosted many great speakers including our Mayor Rosenquist, Mike Cashman, Garry Douglas, Senator Dan Stec.
  • Road Trip to Minor Institute
  • Re-shaped our meeting structure to help accommodate everyone’s busy schedules today.
But I am just steering the ship, it is everyone in this room that has done all the heavy lifting during my presidency, and I appreciate each and everyone one of you for your efforts.  Please keep up the great work!"
Incoming President Eric McDowell closed out the evening with these comments:
"I’d like to thank outgoing President, Jeff Prescott for a great Rotary year, Paul Harris and awards dinner last night and congratulations to all our award winners. I have been a member of Sunrise Rotary for a little over 6 years, and what stands out to me most is our club’s commitment to our community. Our club may be smaller than others, but we do not let that stop us from thinking big and accomplishing great things for our local area and even on an international level. I am proud to be President of Sunrise Rotary as we head into a new Rotary year. I look forward to working alongside all our dedicated club members, researching new projects for the community and working to attract new members from the awesome pool of talent that is located in our area."