In 2020, Sunrise Rotary in Plattsburgh agreed to partner with the Rotary Club of Francistown, Botswana, Africa, to dig a borehole (well) and distribute water to irrigate crops. Solar panels will be used to power the pumps. A 5,000-liter tank will be store the water.  The Intended beneficiaries are community members that intend to farm a large area of donated land on the Inchwe river. Both food and plants will be grown and sold to provide an income to farmers. Some food will be kept to help feed the workers and their families. The Council in this area has agreed to donate adjacent land to the project if it is successful. The project is estimated to cost $12,000.00.  Food security remains a challenge in Botswana, which has endured long periods of drought and high unemployment. This project provides employment, food, and hope to community members.