Posted on Jan 04, 2018
Ashtyn Moore is photographed here at her favorite cafe writing the Sunrise Rotary Club about her experience as a youth exchange student in Denmark.
'Whoa. Five months!
The past month has been pretty tough to be honest. A young family member passed away while serving in our navy, so its been awful to not be around my family, but I have extremely great support here and everyone was so sweet to make me feel better. That meaning rotary members, friends, family, and people who barely know me. Not to mention the support from everyone in New York and district 7040. Aside from that, my exchange as usual has made me happy once again. In December, I had a few bumps that I wasn’t used to because of the event that took place and the reminder of not being home for Christmas, but it wasn’t too drastic because since the first month in Denmark, I’ve realized that this is my second home and planned to come back and continue to make it my home.
Christmas was VERY FUN. My family seemed to really like their gifts and I certainly enjoyed mine. Their first gift to me was a ski jacket, which confused me at first because there’s barely any snow in Denmark and there aren’t any mountains at all. Then, my dad told me were going on a family ski vacation to France on the 18th of January! Absolutely in awe and have no clue how to thank them! I’ve been really lucky with my host families because I’ve felt very included and connected to all of them, even my last family and I haven’t lived there yet hahaha. My current host brother has been a very great role model. He’s very nice and he went on exchange last year so its so nice to be able to talk to him because he’s a great listener and he’s been an amazing support system for me.
My friends here are also so sweet, and I’ve come to meet and love a lot of people here 😊
My wonderful family [photographs below]! (I’ve come to realize that I truly am… extremely short)
Also! When I’m starting to respond to someone, I think my response in Danish A LOT! So that’s really exciting. My Danish is getting really good I think!