Who We Help - Internationally
Since its inception in 1987, the Plattsburgh Sunrise Rotary Club has donated thousands of dollars and volunteer hours to local and international causes. 
Internationally, Sunrise Rotary is well-known for its major long-term commitment to the Kakinada Eye Clinic in India, upgrading their ability to supply eye care to those who cannot afford it. The club has been very active over the years in its support of the North Country Mission of Hope and the Jamaican Mission, and in support of Shelter Box which provides disaster relief around the world. 
Below are brief descriptions of the organizations and projects that Sunrise Rotary supported Internationally over the last several years.
Do you have an idea for an International project that Sunrise Rotary should consider supporting in the future? We would love to hear from you. Contact our club at rotaryclub1982@gmail.com
International Projects
The Rotary Club of Plattsburgh Sunrise is proud to support this project! 
District 7040 Rotarians and their Community Partners have now provided funds for 2693 Blankets!!   Congratulations and Thank You for all your dedication, generosity, and commitment to this project so far.

The picture, taken in Ukraine, demonstrates their appreciation for all of our efforts to collect funds for the manufacture of these blankets.   In addition to those shown on this banner, a big Thank You to the Rotary Clubs and people of Kemptville,ON,   Carleton Place & Mississippi Mills, ON,  Kingston-Cataraqui, ON,  Plattsburgh, NY, and the Plattsburgh Sunrise, NY Clubs  which did not get on this earlier version of the banner

Money continues to flow in from across our region and several events are currently being planned in the coming weeks.   Our original Goal of 1000 Blankets was reached by the start of 2023 but now we have a shot at 3000!   
In 2020, Sunrise Rotary in Plattsburgh agreed to partner with the Rotary Club of Francistown, Botswana, Africa, to dig a borehole (well) and distribute water to irrigate crops. Solar panels will be used to power the pumps. A 5,000-liter tank will be store the water.  The Intended beneficiaries are community members that intend to farm a large area of donated land on the Inchwe river. Both food and plants will be grown and sold to provide an income to farmers. Some food will be kept to help feed the workers and their families. The Council in this area has agreed to donate adjacent land to the project if it is successful. The project is estimated to cost $12,000.00.  Food security remains a challenge in Botswana, which has endured long periods of drought and high unemployment. This project provides employment, food, and hope to community members.
For the past 19 years the Peru Community Church Jamaica Mission volunteers have brought assistance to the poor in the central region of this Caribbean island every January.

Roy Jones’ catastrophic fall while picking apples in a Peru, NY orchard was the catalyst for the mission project. In the beginning, the focus was largely on the Jamaican, who was left paraplegic from the fall, but the Mission has since grown into much, much more.  

Harriet Burrell, Co-Coordinator of the Mission was honored by Sunrise Rotary in 2014 with Paul Harris Fellows Award for Service Above Self.

Sunrise Rotary provides financial support for an educational program for early education for children 3-5 years of age. Funds also help the Evon Grant Basic school purchase textbooks and other needs. In addition, Sunrise Rotary donates funds in support of the New Hope Orphanage and for purchasing materials for home shelter.

In addition to financial aid, numerous Sunrise Rotarians have participated in mission trips to Jamaica.

Sunrise Rotary Contacts: Tom Defayette, Kathy Eppler, Victoria Duley


February 2019 was the first time in twenty years that the North Country Mission of Hope was not fielding a humanitarian-aid trip to Nicaragua. Even though the Mission has currently suspended trips for local volunteers, the Mission, with the cooperation of its in country sister NGO, continues efforts in Nicaragua with educational sponsorships, building shelters, maintaining a health clinic in country and many more of the projects that have been established over the last 20+ years. 

The Mission of Hope’s assistance is felt around the world – not just in Nicaragua. In 2018 alone, Mission of Hope helped victims suffering from the aftermath of Volcano del Fuego in Guatemala, Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, Hurricane Florence in the Carolinas and Hurricane Michael in Florida. In addition, the Mission of Hope has assisted in providing equipment for a clinic in Africa and is finding ways to provide basic needs for those waiting at the U.S. border with Mexico for refugee status.

Sunrise Rotary’s financial contribution to the Mission of Hope is to assist in their on-going efforts to provide healthcare services and community development for those in need.

Sunrise Rotary Contact: Kathy Eppler

Mission of Hope Website

ShelterBox is an international disaster relief charity that provides emergency shelter and other aid items to families around the world who have lost their homes to disaster or conflict.

In 2018 the Plattsburgh Sunrise Rotary Club embarked on a second fundraiser for ShelterBox that has benefits that reach as far as the remote West Lunga Forest, an African miombo woodland forest preserve in the northwest region of Zambia. But the benefits won't only be felt in Africa, they will also fund another ShelterBox that will eventually be shipped to a disaster zone somewhere in the world to save a family coping with the loss of their home.


Club members will sell bottles of African Bronze Honey harvested by farmers in that region of Zambia. A portion of the cost of each bottle is set aside to train and equip more Zambians in how to harvest honey — supporting entrepreneurship and beekeeping in Africa.


Sunrise Rotary Contact: Tom Defayette

Shelter Box Website

Therapy Dogs International is a volunteer organization dedicated to the regulation, testing, selection and registration of qualified dogs and handlers for the purpose of visitations to hospitals, nursing home, other institutions.
In 2019 Sunrise Rotary's financial donation helped with the organization's efforts to produce and distribute training materials.
Sunrise Rotary Contact: Victoria Duley